About Me


It all started when...

Hello there! I’m Lipi Thejaswi ( /li-pi: ðeɪ-jah-swiː/ ), a fashion designer and an enthusiastic illustrator. My ultimate interest in fashion, sketching and design lead me to drop out of engineering to pursue fashion designing. Yes, you read me right! I’m an engineering drop out. I hail from a city where people find it hard to believe that fashion designing  can be career choice. Like Chandler from Friends, nobody really knew what I was doing! Originally from Chennai(India) - San Francisco is my new home.

I completed my Bachelor’s in Fashion Design from Raffles College of Design and worked for various companies (Indian Terrain, Stashwear, QD Seatoman Designs, Freelancer for Mandira Bansal Studio,.. ) for the past 2 and half years. I also helped co-found the company Stashwear

I design clothes & accessories inspired by people I see around me: professional, fun, active, and on-the-go.  Find me in the cafes of downtown San Francisco, or just click the button below: